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Tertiary education: Description
  • The tertiary education rate is an indicator which compares the share of the population with a tertiary degree with the total population. Tertiary education follows secondary education and in Austria comprises universities and Fachhochschulen. Tertiary education is considered to be advanced and is part of a theoretical and practical specialisation in certain subject areas.

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Tertiary Education in Feistritz im Rosental
The tertiary education rate in Feistritz im Rosental is 10,70%. The tertiary education rates of neighbouring municipalities are shown in the table of neighbouring municipalities.

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Feistritz im Rosental: Main postcode (ZIP code): 9181

Additional ZIP Code(s): 9162

Towns & cadastral municipalities: Feistritz im Rosental, Suetschach, Matschach, Feistritz im Rosental, St.Johann im Rosental, Weizelsdorf, Hundsdorf, Bärental.