On this overview page of Similio, the business and institution directory of Austria, users can decide whether they want to search for companies and institutions in Austria primarily by sector or by geographical location. The Austrian business and institution landscape is divided into 18 industry clusters, which represent the highest granularity of the Austrian industry system. When searching for industries, the user has to select a specific industry so that the companies and institutions in this industry can then be discovered on the map of Austria. When searching geographically for companies and institutions in Austria, the user can search for companies and institutions on a map of Austria by building. At the same time, the user can set sector filters to narrow down the circle of companies and institutions in Austria displayed. When the user selects a company or institution on the interactive map, the profile page of the company or institution is displayed to the user, where further information and social media channels can be found.

Welcome to Similio Austria,
the business directory

Welcome to Similio Austria, the business directory

Austria is one of the most prosperous countries in the world due to its economic performance. For a better analysis and research of companies and institutions in Austria, Similio's business directory is fully branched, allowing companies and institutions to be precisely differentiated according to their economic activity. At the same time, the Similio business directory also offers entries on administrative institutions and voluntary organisations. This gives users on Similio a valuable insight into the organisation of the country and allows them to explore Austria in the course of their research.

In addition to the branch classification, SImilio is particularly distinguished by its building-specific cartography, which enables users from over 600,000 companies and institutions to identify precisely those that interest them or are in their vicinity.

On this page you can see the overview for navigating through the Similio business directory. Users can carry out their searches directly by sector and by location.

The companies on Similio are divided into 18 clusters, which roughly classify the economic life. The clusters are further subdivided into a total of around 1000 sectors. Companies and institutions in Austria can thus be selected precisely according to their activities. In the geographical search, users can search the map for companies and institutions from all sectors.

The Similio business directory is characterised by the fact that detailed information and, in addition, social media channels of the respective companies and institutions are available, allowing users to gain a precise insight into the latest activities of the companies.