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  • Property prices are a key indicator of the prosperity of a region. Property prices are the basis for property prices and, depending on the region, land is an important economic asset. Ownership of land is documented in the land register, which in turn is divided into cadastral municipalities.

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Property Price in Villach
The average price for land in Villach is 108,50 € per m². The land prices of the neighbouring municipalities can be found in the table of neighbouring municipalities.

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Villach: Main postcode (ZIP code): 9500

Additional ZIP Code(s): 9523, 9504, 9580, 9524, 9586, 9587, 9585

Towns & cadastral municipalities: Villach Auen, Villach Seebach-Wasenboden, Villach-Innere Stadt, Villach St.Agathen und Perau, Villach Lind, Zauchen, Duel, Landskron, Drobollach am Faaker See, Villach St.Martin, St. Magdalen, Untere Fellach, Kumitz, Landskron, Untere Fellach, Villach Völkendorf, Villach Innere Stadt, St.Magdalen, Kleinvassach, St.Georgen, St.Leonhard, Oberschütt, Obere Fellach, Oberwollanig, St.Niklas an der Drau, Urlaken, Goritschach, Oberfederaun, Gritschach, Zauchen, Unterwollanig, Heiligen Gestade, Egg am Faaker See, Serai, Turdanitsch, Prossowitsch, Neufellach, Dobrova, Großvassach, Neulandskron, Pogöriach, Tschinowitsch, Großsattel, Villach Warmbad-Judendorf, Drautschen, Bogenfeld, Heiligengeist, St.Ulrich, Gratschach, Maria Gail, St.Andrä, Kratschach, Kleinsattel, Rennstein, St.Ruprecht, Greuth, Graschitz, St.Michael, Duel, Mittewald ob Villach, Unterschütt, Mittewald ob Villach, Villach.