On this page users will find all relevant information about the Austrian federal state Salzburg. On the map you can see the landscapes of the federal state. These then lead to the municipalities of the province Salzburg. Below the map there is a slider to switch to the political organisation of the province. On the political map, users can find the regions of the state Salzburg, which in turn lead to the districts and municipalities. Below the map of the federal state Salzburg there is detailed information about the federal state. This information includes a general description of the federal state, key figures and the area use of the federal state. In addition, users can also access the map of the state's companies and institutions by clicking on the company buttons. In addition to this additional information on the federal state Salzburg and the presentation of the companies on the map, users can also explore detailed statistics and other interactive maps on topics such as land prices, population development and unemployment in the federal state Salzburg in the subject area.

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Salzburg | Austria
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