On this overview page of Similio, the topic directory of Austria, users can access the different topic pages of Similio. Similio's topics deal with housing, residents, social issues and work using interactive maps. On interactive maps on the respective topics, users can obtain statistical and further information on the Austrian provinces, districts, landscapes and municipalities. On Similio, for example, the interactive maps enable users to compare topics within the federal provinces, between and within districts and landscapes as well as between different municipalities. The subject area of housing covers topics such as land prices, settlement or second home quota. The subject area Inhabitants is related to population development, population density or National Council election results, among other things. The social area deals with topics such as demographic structure or educational standards. The subject area of employment is concerned in particular with the topic of unemployment and gainful employment. By clicking on one of the topics, the user first reaches the Austria overview, from where it is possible to navigate further within Austria.

Welcome to Similio Austria,
the subject directory

Welcome to Similio Austria, the subject directory

In order to recognize connections and understand backgrounds, the right sources are needed. Similio's thematic directory offers these backgrounds and connections in the form of thousands of interactive maps of the political and geographical organisation of Austria. Users can get an overview of the overall situation in Austria along various topics such as land prices, population density or population development, analyse the conditions within districts and landscapes or directly compare different municipalities. All this is made possible in a particularly user-friendly and playful way with the help of thousands of colourful and interactive maps.

The topics on SImilio cover the following areas: Work, inhabitants, social issues and housing. Based on these themes, a wide range of conclusions can be drawn about the demographic, social and economic situation in Austria.

Prime examples of the intelligent networking of information about Austria using the themes on Similio are, for example, the analysis of land prices in relation to settlement and second homes, and the analysis of unemployment using education statistics and population activity. Due to the easy handling of the information on Similio, it is possible to generate knowledge about Austrian local authorities in a playful and reliable way.

Similio also strives to update its data as quickly as possible and to continuously improve the user experience.