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Secondary education

Secondary education  in Austria

Secondary education: Description

Secondary education comprises the educational path that follows basic education. (in Austria: primary school) Secondary education is an essential part of the school system, in which in-depth knowledge of the basic subjects of the school is imparted. These basic subjects are in particular linguistic, humanities and natural sciences. (especially German, history and mathematics) Secondary education in Austria is divided into lower and upper secondary schools. In Austria there is a large number of different schools that correspond to secondary education. These differ to a large extent in their focus and in the number of hours or examinations to be completed. The secondary education rate is an indicator that compares the share of the population with a secondary education qualification with the total population. This ratio can be used to show regional differences in typical educational pathways, which can vary considerably between certain districts and municipalities. Since education is always seen as the key to success, this ratio can be used to draw conclusions about the social and economic conditions in a region.

Similio offers numerous Secondary education comparisons with interactive maps. There is a separate map for each Austrian municipality. Further maps for Secondary education are available at the level of political districts, landscapes, regions and at the level of federal provinces.

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Secondary education