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  • Settlement value is an indicator that shows how many housing units statistically make up a building in a geographical unit. The settlement value helps to distinguish rural from urban regions, which can be deduced in particular from the share of multi-family or multi-party houses in the overall infrastructure, because rural areas are much more strongly characterised by single-family houses, while cities consist almost entirely of multi-party houses.

  • Similio offers numerous Settlement comparisons with interactive maps. There is a separate map for each Austrian municipality. Further maps for Settlement are available at the level of political districts, landscapes, regions and at the level of federal provinces.

  • Keywords on Settlement:

    single-family house, two-family house, apartment building, apartment building, apartment building, high-rise building, building class, zoning, spatial planning, development plan, real estate, rural area, town, country, inhabitants, population.

Settlement in Gerersdorf-Sulz
The settlement value in Gerersdorf-Sulz is 1,09. The settlement values of the neighbouring municipalities can be found in the table neighbouring municipalities.

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Gerersdorf-Sulz: Main postcode (ZIP code): 7542

Additional ZIP Code(s): 7540

Towns & cadastral municipalities: Sulz im Burgenland, Rehgraben, Gerersdorf bei Güssing, Sulz im Burgenland.