On this page users will find all relevant information about the Austrian federal state Burgenland. The map shows the political regions of the province. These then lead to the districts and municipalities of the province Burgenland. Below the map there is a slider to switch to the geographical organisation of the federal state. On the geographical map users can find the landscapes of the federal state Burgenland. Below the map of the federal state Burgenland there is detailed information about the federal state. This information includes a general description of the state, key figures, and the area usage of the state. In addition, users can also access the map of the state's companies and institutions by clicking on the company buttons. In addition to this further information on the federal state Burgenland and the presentation of the companies on the map, users can also explore detailed statistics and other interactive maps on topics such as land prices, population development and unemployment in the federal state Burgenland in the subject area.
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Burgenland: Companies

Basic information
  • Population


  • Area

    3.961,80 km²

  • Population Density

    73,87 people/km²

  • (Austria)

    105,17 people/km²

  • Area proportion


  • Pop. proportion


  • Regions


  • Districts


  • Municipalities


Surface use
  • Wood


  • Alps


  • Rocks


  • Fields, pastures


  • Permanent crops


  • Viniculture


  • Operational areas


  • Leisure areas


  • Gardens


Individual analyses & visualisations

Burgenland: Description

Burgenland is the easternmost province of the Republic of Austria and borders in the west on the provinces of Lower Austria and Styria. Burgenland also borders Slovakia and Hungary to the east. The provincial capital of Burgenland is Eisenstadt. The name Burgenland comes from the historical name of the Hungarian administrative units there during the Habsburg Monarchy, which all bore the name "castle". Geographically, Burgenland is characterised in particular by Lake Neusiedl in northern Burgenland. Politically, the SPÖ has provided the provincial governor of Burgenland since 1964.

Burgenland: Regions

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