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  • The interactive Similio map of the federal state Burgenland on the topic Urbanity offers a good overview of the situation in Burgenland. Detailed maps of the districts and landscapes on the topic Urbanity are also available.

  • Urbanity is an indicator of the size, population density and settlement type in a region. Urbanity is a value from 1 to 10, with a higher value representing more densely populated areas.

  • Similio offers numerous Urbanity comparisons with interactive maps. There is a separate map for each Austrian municipality. Further maps for Urbanity are available at the level of political districts, landscapes, regions and at the level of federal provinces.

  • Keywords on Urbanity:

    City, country, growth, development, inhabitants, infrastructure, economy, centres, urbanisation, rural exodus, regional, urban, jobs, entertainment, metropolises, population density, suburbanisation, leisure activities, transport, nature.

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