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Wien 18.,Währing

Youth: Description

Young people in the sense of this indicator are those under 15 years of age. The youth ratio reflects the proportion of young people under 15 years of age in the total population in a geographical unit. It is therefore a useful statistic for analysing the demographic structure of the population, since a high rate of youth generally indicates a growing population. In addition, a large number of social implications can also be derived from the youth ratio. These concern on the one hand the legal guardians and on the other hand the young people themselves. Regions with a high youth quota generally offer a correspondingly youth-friendly infrastructure, such as schools, playgrounds and sports fields as well as other club organisations.

Similio offers numerous Youth comparisons with interactive maps. There is a separate map for each Austrian municipality. Further maps for Youth are available at the level of political districts, landscapes, regions and at the level of federal provinces.

Under 15 in Wien 18.,Währing

The youth quota in Wien 18.,Währing is 13,80%. The youth quotas of neighbouring municipalities are shown in the table of neighbouring municipalities.