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On this page users can see the highest level of abstraction of the Similio sector cluster, which divides the Austrian institutional and economic landscape. Users can select one of the 18 industry clusters and get to the detail page of the respective industry cluster. On the following page, users can then go further into the details by sector to search for the companies and institutions that are relevant to them. The Similio Sector Cluster is not only oriented towards the Austrian economic landscape, but includes all public and non-commercial activities. In this way, Similio offers a unique view of Austria's economic, political and voluntary organisations.
The Austrian institutional and economic landscape with more than 600,000 entities can be organised on the basis of 18 sector clusters. These sector clusters cover not only the entire economic life in Austria but also public administration and voluntary organisations.
Farming & Forestry icon

Farming & Forestry

Industries of the primary sector such as agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery
Base materials icon

Base materials

Industries of the primary sector in raw material extraction and processing
Food & indulgence icon

Food & indulgence

Companies in the field of production and processing
Goods icon


Production of goods
Supply / Recycling icon

Supply / Recycling

Companies in the field of energy and recycling
Construction icon


Companies in the construction sector
Trade & motor vehicles icon

Trade & motor vehicles

Wholesale and retail trade of goods and vehicles
Transportation icon


Industries in transportation and secondary branches
Information & communication icon

Information & communication

Information, Internet, IT, Media and Communication Industries
Gastronomy / Tourism icon

Gastronomy / Tourism

Hospitality and accommodation of guests as well as tourism
Finance & real estate icon

Finance & real estate

Finance and real estate sectors
Services icon


Industries of the tertiary economic sector
Education & research icon

Education & research

Extension and imparting of knowledge
Lobbying & government icon

Lobbying & government

Government related organisations and interest groups
Health care & welfare icon

Health care & welfare

Facilities and services in the field of medicine and care
Art & amusement icon

Art & amusement

Not necessarily function-driven industries
Leisure icon


Services in the activity areas of fun and recreation
Maintenance icon


Ensuring the functionality of objects