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The following industries form the first level of abstraction of the industry cluster Services and allow a differentiated selection of the searched activity.
On this page, users can see all industries within the industry cluster Services. By selecting an industry, users are taken to a further detail page to select an industry even more specifically and thus make the searches even more precise.
Consulting icon


Consulting and marketing services
Tax & Law icon

Tax & Law

Advice, support and representation of clients
Architecture & Design icon

Architecture & Design

Services of the creative and construction industry
Technical offices icon

Technical offices

Consulting, planning, implementation and administration in the technical field
Advertising & photography icon

Advertising & photography

Support of public relations and creation of images
Business services icon

Business services

Other services with a focus on corporate customers (B2B)
Personal services icon

Personal services

Other services with focus on consumers (B2C)
Veterinary medicine & care icon

Veterinary medicine & care

Animal health and care
Safety icon


Security services and other similar activities
Events icon


Organisation, planning and execution of events
Rental icon


Temporary and remunerated transfer of property