Due to the current measures of the Federal Government to contain the Corona Pandemic (COVID-19), there may be restrictions in the current offer of the listed companies as well as in their accessibility.

Machines and equipment

Currently all companies and institutions of the industry Machines and equipment (Machinery & equipment < Maintenance) in Austria are displayed.
On this page users can search on the interactive map for all companies and institutions in the sector Machines and equipment (Machinery & equipment < Maintenance) in Austria. All companies and institutions on Similio are mapped with building precision and allow a fact-based and detailed search. Users can navigate on the map with the mouse. The previews of companies and institutions, which are displayed in more detail below the map, are automatically updated according to the map section displayed. By clicking on the numerical icons on the map, users can navigate directly to the respective region and obtain a more detailed view of the companies on site. Clicking on the preview of a company or institution opens a preview of the company. With a further click, the profile page of the company or institution will open, where further information and social media channels can be found.