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Wien 22.,Donaustadt


Wien 22.,Donaustadt

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Basic information
Surface use
  • Wood


  • Alps


  • Rocks


  • Fields, pastures


  • Permanent crops


  • Viniculture


  • Operational areas


  • Leisure areas


  • Gardens


  • Rivers, brooks


  • Lakes, ponds


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Wien 22.,Donaustadt: Description

The twenty-second municipal district of Vienna is a Viennese outer and territorial district located in the east of the city and also east of the Danube. The district is the largest of the city in terms of area. It includes the districts Kaisermühlen, Kagran and Stadlau. Another special feature is the high proportion of green space. Historically, the Battle of Aspern in 1809, which took place during the Napoleonic Wars on the district's territory, is particularly noteworthy. The population development since the end of the 19th century is also remarkable. In addition to the many bathing opportunities, the district is also characterized by the Vienna International Center, the UN SItz, and the Danube Tower. Parts of the Old Danube as well as the Danube Island are also part of the district. The Lobau district is also part of the Donau-Auen National Park.

Wien 22.,Donaustadt: Contact information
  • Address : 1220 Wien, Schrödingerplatz 1
  • Telephone : +43 1 4000-22000
  • Website :
  • Email : [email protected]
  • Mayor : Dr. Michael Ludwig

Wien 22.,Donaustadt: Main postcode (ZIP code): 1220

Towns & cadastral municipalities: Wien, Donaustadt.

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